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A pool of matching funds formed by big donations from
public and private organizations, socially responsible businesses and generous individuals to multiply resources and scope.
Funding with purpose, returns on impact!


* Source for the image: Sustainable method of irrigation, by Rollies, licensed under Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


At Goteo we have created a social investment pool with contributions from public institutions, business and other private institutions, and individuals. To achieve the multiplier effect and thus encourage co-responsible investment in projects that rely on the support of the civil society.
Our pool of matching funds is a deposit of big donations coming out from distinct types of annual commitments with different organizations. These funds are distributed through specific temporary calls for crowdfunding projects (via preestablished formulas or through ad hoc agreements). This makes it possible to tie together, in a customized way, contributions from different kinds of entities to concrete projects, particular topics, geographic spaces, or also types of benefits and open licenses.

Through this pool, the collaborator entities can innovatively give wings to some of their areas of interest and programs as well as to their political commitments and social responsibility policies. In addition, they obtain other advantages, like: participating in the collective creation of open and accesible knowledge and supporting socially innovative projects, holding a close and direct dialog with emerging communities, and achieving visibility and recognition linked to projects not only contributing to the common good but also linked to the social pulse.

This matchfuning pool is administered transparently and responsibly by Goteo Foundation, the driving force behind Goteo, which gives participating entities certain tax advantages, according to their national legislations.





In Goteo, matchfunding operates through three formulas, or standards, created ad-hoc for the interested institution or individual:
º The "Dropper" Figure: A public or private individual or entity donates an amount of money to the Foundation, destined to a specific project, or a certain kind of projects of their choice. The Goteo Foundation, managing entity of Goteo, acts as a "social agent", and assists the entity in finding projects and criteria adequate to their organization, depending on their field of interest. Thanks to this figure and their contribution, projects that are currently running a campaign, or specifically expected campaigns will obtain the funding they need on time, at the same time improving the performance of their collective funding process.
º "Matchfunding" Calls: This is the case of specific programs, which respond to subjects of public interest (such as education, sustainability, culture, etc.), in order to promote the investment and support of the commons by public and private organizations, multiplying the contributions made by citizens to the projects. This formula includes workshops, consultancy and specific evaluation of projects by our team. Through this innovative formula, investing organizations can support the funding and development of projects aligned to their areas of interest, their political obligations and social responsibilities.
Since 2013, we have been successfully testing this formula with universities, regional governments and local innovation agencies, with satisfactory results, as proved, for example, by 96.000 euros raised for matchfunding calls during the last years, the final report of the  Crowdsasuna call, promoted by the Basque node of Goteo or the wide variety of successfully funded open projects in the rest of calls developed up to today:


Are you or do you know someone who represents an institution who would be interested in this kind of collaboration with Goteo? Contact us.