Gregal Ecodesign - Swimwear made with nets and plastics extracted from the bottom of the sea

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Fertiggestellt am 30 / 07 / 2021
€ 2.000
€ 1.775
€ 5.225
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    Digital panel of collaborators

    We will include your name in the panel of collaborators that we will enable on our website

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    Commitment to sustainability

    We will send you a personalized card to thank you personally for your collaboration and we will add your name in the project post .

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    Masterclass Yoga

    Si aportas 25 € te llevarás una tarjeta personalizada dándote las gracias por apoyar el proyecto y una sesión online de yoga preparada especialmente para los donantes de Gregal EcoDesign con una de las mejores maestras yogi que hay en Madrid, Marlise Calderón.

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    Bikini Bag

    We will send you a personalized card to thank you for your collaboration and an organic cotton bikini bag perfect for this summer.

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    Tote Bag

    We will send you a personalized card to thank your collaboration and a reusable Tote bag made of organic cotton with an original Gregal EcoDesign design handcrafted by Crudo Sostenible

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    Support for local crafts

    Personalized thank you card and handmade earrings made with recycled pet from Lucía de Gustin

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  • Unterstützend € 100

    Rural commitment

    Visit to the atelier , visit by Artana and a Valencian paella menu for 2 at El Chato Restaurant, in Artana.

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    Dress in mediterranean

    Visit to the Gregal Ecodesign atelier , espadrilles workshop and choose the Gregal Swim that you like the most.

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  • Unterstützend € 250

    Create your own swimsuit

    Visit our atelier in Artana and we will do a personalized workshop for you to learn how to make your own bikini with sustainable materials.

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    Your collection

    You will appear on the web as a sponsor of the collection and you will be able to name one of the swimsuits as you like .

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  • Unterstützend € 500


    You will appear on the web as sponsor of the collection and you will be able to put the name you want to one of the swimsuits , in addition, you will be able to choose the Gregal EcoDesign swimsuit that you like the most and you will support to the creation of a pop up event where we will present the collection together with other Spanish sustainable fashion brands.

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Über dieses Projekt

We transform the fabric that comes from nets and plastics into swimsuits.

Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
Acquisition of fabrics
The basis of the collection are fabrics made from recycled pet and fishing net fiber. We need to buy the raw material to be able to make the 2022 collection. Our fabric producers are located in Barcelona and Valencia.
€ 900
Tissue printing
Fabrics are purchased in plain color (black and white) so it is necessary to print them. At Gregal Ecodesign we use sublimation printing with proximity printers that use environmentally friendly materials. Sublimation printing is one of the most ecological techniques that exist due to the little use of water they make when transferring the color.
€ 600
Bedarf Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
Rewards and shipments
It is not the most attractive of the project but it is also necessary to cover it. Pay for the collaborations that we do promoting the local economy and shipments so that they arrive correctly to you.
€ 150
Goteo's commissions
All this would not be possible without the Goteo platform, which we have to support so that it continues to work so well and supporting emerging projects.
€ 125
Web positioning and communication
The sale of the Gregal Swim is done through the website A site that has to be well optimized to reach as many people as possible.
€ 350
Bedarf Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Hiring a seamstress
This new collection will require the hiring of a part-time person who will support the sewing of the swimsuits.
€ 900
Photography and Editing
For a good communication campaign it is essential to take care of the details that come to people. Product photography and a stylish fashion editorial is the gateway to higher sales.
€ 800
Communication campaign
The project is about confection but we need to communicate it so that it reaches a greater number of people. For this, it is essential to have a communication campaign that makes us more beautiful than we are cut and confection
€ 500
Based on the design, we would like to hire a pattern maker to make the collection come true. From the workshop we have the ability to do it but a professional would be a fundamental support to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
€ 900
Gesamt € 1.775 € 5.225

Allgemeine Informationen

Gregal EcoDesign is a sustainable fashion project that has the Mediterranean Sea as the axis of all its collections . Since 2018, it has been researching indigenous fabrics from the Mediterranean basin and modernizing original garments from the region.

In Gregal EcoDesign we value exclusivity , avoiding having stock and betting on tailor-made clothing . Each piece is handmade on demand, following the processes of creating artisan patterns.

For the summer of 2021 we have launched the Bona Mar collection where sustainable fabric is joined by sublimation printing, one of the most ecological techniques that exist today. And, although the summer has not passed, we are already thinking about the 2022 campaign and we are considering expanding the market in order to reach more people and raise awareness of the great problem that exists on the seabed . For this we need your help to continue with the expansion process and create a more sustainable and conscious future.


Made with fabric that comes from nets and plastics extracted from the seabed to raise awareness of the problems that exist with the excessive use of plastics and nets abandoned at the bottom of the sea.

Work together with NGOs to recover the seabed and its fauna and flora . We are concerned not only with what the sea kills, but with what remains alive. That is why we collaborate with NGOs that take care of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea.

Recover artisanal sewing techniques . We are contemporary artisans and our work follows the thread of the first weavers that existed.

Recover autochthonous tissues from the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean, as the cradle of civilization, has always been rich in cottons, silks, linens ... an industry that has been disappearing until it is almost residual and at Gregal Ecodesign we want to give these fabrics the place they deserve and that they should never have. stop occupying.

Promote employment and the economy in rural areas.


Warum das wichtig ist

The project is aimed at people who care about what they wear , about the fabrics that touch their skin . Who have a special sensitivity to environmental problems and want to do their bit to help improve the environment in which they live.

The project is established in Artana , a town in the Sierra de Espadán, in Castellón. The commitment to rural development of the Gregal EcoDesign project and the concern to recover Mediterranean artisan techniques made it the optimal place to develop it.

In addition, Gregal EcoDesign collaborates with the NGO Xaloc by donating € 1 for each sale for its seahorse hospital located in Valencia.

Team und Erfahrung

The project is carried out by the hand of Naiara Cáliz, as an autonomous figure of the project. Gregal EcoDesign belongs to different social movements and to the Sustainable Fashion Association La Textilería .


Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life Below Water

    Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future.