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Filed on 07 / 05 / 2020
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    Thank you for your contribution and support to the Own Spirit Land project !

    It is a great little gift that you will give to our precious Pachamama.

    We invite you to visit us on our Land.
    Let's grow together !

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    Your contribution is very valuable !

    You are contributing and supporting the Own Spirit Land project, to cover expenses for the creation of the garden, synergistic garden, food forest, which includes transportation costs and planting of bushes, trees (previous study of native species to reforest Own Spirit Land).

    We invite you to visit us on our Land.
    Let's grow together !

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    We thank you very much for your support !

    Your contribution will help us bear the costs of machinery and material transport.

    We invite you to visit us on our Land.
    Let's grow together !

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    With this donation, you are contributing and supporting the Own Spirit Land Reforestation project .

    It is estimated that each of us –each human being– has a monthly environmental impact of around 300 kg of CO2.
    Did you know that planting only 2 trees would allow you to compensate for your monthly environmental impact?
    If you want to contribute to compensate for your environmental impact we offer you our beautiful Land and we invite you to enjoy nature and its synergies.

    We invite you to visit us on our Land.
    Let's grow together !

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    Your contribution is making a Big Difference for our Pachamama.

    Your support will be useful to purchase the necessary trees from the Own Spirit Land Reforestation and cover transportation and planting expenses. These are our principles previous study of landscaping and sustainability aimed at respecting native flora and the recovery and protection of local fauna.

    In addition, you are contributing and supporting the Own Spirit Land project, to raise capital for the • PURCHASE of TREES • and cover transportation and planting expenses; there is a previous study of landscaping and sustainability aimed at respecting native flora and the recovery and protection of local fauna to reforest Own Spirit Land.

    Trees know how to be useful! They all have several uses, which makes them unique and valuable. With this donation you contribute to our reforestation of Own Spirit Land.
    Trees have powers! Think about it: they protect the environment, capture CO2 and with its fruits promote economic development and food security. In addition, they facilitate the repopulation of many animal species and favor the diversity of fauna and flora.

    As a thank you we will plant a native tree with your name

    Follow us on our social pages and you will find photos/videos of all our actions.
    Let's grow together ! -

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    With this donation, you are buying the ticket for Own Spirit Festival 2020 (July 21-26).

    In addition, you are contributing and supporting the Own Spirit Land project. It is a gift you give to our beautiful Pachamama.

    We invite you to visit us and share live in our Land.
    Let's grow together!

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    Application to Land-Art and bioconstruction Workshop by 'Esculturas Semilla', (from April 6 to 12) to be held at Own Spirit Land.

    You will learn different techniques: Hugel permaculture, bio-construction in mud and adobe, sculpture with natural materials, plant associations, planting of trees and plants from seeds and small trees.

    Check our event for more information> or write to us at

    In addition, you are contributing and supporting the Own Spirit Land project.

    We wait for you in our Earth / Land.
    Let's grow together !

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Über dieses Projekt

Sow and Grow together in Own Spirit Land: Land-Art • Bioconstruction • Synergistic garden • Food forest • Reforestation

Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
---> FIRST PHASE • CONTRIBUTION AND SUPPORT TO THE WORKSHOP <--- to cover expenses: wire rolls, rea rod, rectangular / square steel profile, electrodes, radial cut discs, irrigation system materials, etc.
€ 1.555
---> FIRST PHASE • CONTRIBUTION AND SUPPORT TO THE WORKSHOP <--- to cover expenses for the creation of a garden of 170 linear meters. ---> PLANTS NEEDED • 40 fruit trees / shrubs, 3-5 units of each species, such as: apple, pear, almond, cherry, fig, grape, kiwi, orange, lemon, peach, apricot, mulberry, raspberry, etc . • We can cover small segments of food fields as snake patterns, if there are not enough fruit trees, using: buckwheat, flaxseed, corn. • Seeds to associate with trees and cover soil: clover, dandelion, nettle. • All types of seeds: chard, garlic, basil, artichoke, eggplant, amaranth, celery, eggplant, watercress, borage, broccoli, squash, marigold, thistle, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, strawberry, sunflower, bean, lavender, lettuce, melon, mint, mustard, potato, cucumber, parsley, pepper, leek, radish, beet, arugula, tobacco, tomato, thyme, carrot, etc.
€ 400
---> SECOND PHASE <--- of crowdfunding, we want to get the capital for the • PURCHASE OF TREES • to reforest Own Spirit Land, there is a previous study of landscaping and sustainability aimed at respecting the native flora and recovery and protection of local fauna. The ---> REFORESTATION <--- is one of the most effective actions to combat the climate crisis. The Own Spirit Land project is committed to this fight and we want to contribute by offering and investing our little place with a new GREEN LUNG in our Pachamama, which has already suffered a great deforestation hitherto unknown to us, so we are committed to sowing and growing together with our land and inviting all those who want to share and enjoy our home. The first ---> SUSTAINABLE ACTION <--- of 2020 has been the PLANTATION OF 40 TREES (olive trees, pines and clams) just on the last full moon of January. Right now on the tour of our events we have launched a COLLECTIVE SENSITIZATION AND PARTICIPATION CAMPAIGN, where we give away and invite all the public to participate, with the germination of different seeds in their own house, and on ---> next April they can join to days to transplant them in the land of Own Spirit Land <---.
€ 1.800
Bedarf Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
---> FIRST PHASE • CONTRIBUTION AND SUPPORT TO THE WORKSHOP <--- to cover expenses: machinery and material transport.
€ 500
Bedarf Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
---> FIRST PHASE • CONTRIBUTION AND SUPPORT TO THE WORKSHOP <--- general food management during teachers' workshops and salaries.
€ 1.300
Gesamt € 3.755 € 5.555

Allgemeine Informationen

Own Spirit Land is a long-term project that was born in 2018 by the organizers of Own Spirit Festival.
The development of the project is based on the specific sustainability and landscaping plans focused on the restoration of integrations with nature as an essential aspect to achieve the conscious experience that the festival proposes, with a 10-year Sustainable Development Plan, from 2018 to 2027.

We are fully committed to respecting the environment in all phases of the festival's development, throughout the year with diverse activities and with special intensity in the previous 2 months and during the event. Grateful to be able to celebrate the festival in this beautiful land, we are aware of the associated environmental impact and we are committed to developing a sustainable action plan, for the third consecutive year, and with continuity over time, since we have the opportunity to enjoy this space in the long term (vision of the project in the first phase with a time horizon of 10 years, 2018 - 2027).

During the fourth edition of the festival (2018), first in the new location, we collected consumption data to be able to minimize them and use them more efficiently in the following editions, in order to reduce and optimize resources every year.
An Emissions Compensation Plan was written in 2018, we introduced PERMACULTURE and we continued to develop the concepts of BIO-CONSTRUCTION and LAND-ART, to carry out a 10-year LANDSCAPE PLAN.

The SUSTAINABLE ACTION PLAN 2018-19 obtained very good results. Thanks to this plan, the festival won the international recognition "A GREENER FESTIVAL AWARD" with the category of 1 star "improvers", a prize that was revalidated and increased in the category of 2 stars"commended" in the 2019 edition.

Thanks to the improvement of the actions initiated in 2018 and the implementation of new actions, such as the installation of a new solar panel system to provide pre-production and production tasks throughout the year and hiring specific services for the qualification of dry baths (100% of the baths of the festival were of this type, being the second festival in Spain to achieve it), to mention some of the most outstanding.

MISSION 2020 • For the 2020 edition, this beginning of the year (in February) has already been carried out various reforestation actions with olive and pine trees among other species and a delivery action of 200 envelopes with seeds of shrub and garden species in an event of promotion of the festival in Barcelona. Also for this 2020, the construction of 35 dry baths has been projected. Logistics and action tasks have begun to be planned in all environmental areas (water supply, selective collection of all waste fractions for recycling) and resumed contact with administrations to continue improving the quality and efficiency of our actions in different sectors.


• Recover and enhance the area where the Own Spirit Festival takes place with the design and execution of a holistic and interdisciplinary project with the construction of a large sculpture integrating native forest, medicinal and orchard species.
Get plant material (seeds and trees in their early stages of development).
Achieve human potential to carry out the planned tasks through a multi-day workshop.
Improve the local ecosystem, its biodiversity, its landscape and functional potential at different levels for wildlife, the local population and visitors.
• Contribute to the implementation and execution of the 2018 - 2027 Own Spirit Sustainable Development Plan.

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Warum das wichtig ist

We want to open and share our project to anyone, of any age, nationality and condition, who feels identified with the project and / or supports or has the curiosity to live and enjoy this space, the possibility of contributing to small or large ecological donations through the purchase of fruit trees or native forest trees to enhance the existing ecosystem; we already have a previous study on a CO2 compensation plan and a reforestation plan that respects the local flora.

We also have the support and advice of local (City Hall) and regional authorities (Government of Aragon) for the planning and execution of tasks and activities that are carried out throughout the year in the area.

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Team und Erfahrung

The family of •OWN SPIRIT• is born from the union of people from different countries, professionals from different fields (organization of events and logistic support of all kinds, infrastructure, graphic and digital arts, volunteering, environment, landscaping, etc.) unified by music and the awareness of holistic improvement of the human potential, our intention has been to create an event where dance, talks, therapies and coexistence are the expression of being and community, as evolutionary growth • OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL | Visionary, Sustainable & Holistic Gathering •.

Nature and our relationship with it is the central axis of our festival; the need to respect and take care of the precious and virgin place where after 3 editions, since 2018, urges us an environmental impact education to curb climate change, which motivate us to make Own Spirit a sustainable festival, with long-term landscape and sustainability plans.

The added value of OWN SPIRIT is its human crew, thanks to the enormous commitment and involvement of each person who constantly provides their love and support, and also shares their wisdom and dedication with the joint desire to create a harmonious space with the people who live the festival, paying attention to every detail, from caring for people to the space in which we live. It is a continuous relationship that seeks coherence between our internal and external realities.

From the soul of Own Spirit we want to invite you to be an active part in this great project to honor Mother Earth, so we would like all participants to be complicit and feel that they are an integral part of the project and the landscape.

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Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss