Primer disco de Nautas Loops

Fertiggestellt am 13 / 04 / 2020
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€ 3.500
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Your name will appear on the credits and the video that we will make for our supporters.

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Early download

Support us with 10€ and you will get our album before anyone else. Also, we will put your name on the credits and the video.

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Album on pendrive format with images and lyrics.

You will receive the album with its graphic design and lyrics. (Ask for conditions)

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Early download, pendrive and t-shirt.

All of the above and a t-shirt with the album's cover. (Ask for conditions)

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Masterclass with Nautas Loops

A masterclass in our rehearsal room or by skype if you prefer. It also includes the early download of the album. (Ask for conditions)

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Workshop with Nautas Loops

A two session workshop including beatbox technique, an instrument of your choice, songwriting and loop station techniques. Online or in our rehearsal studio. It also includes the early download. (Ask for conditions)

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Nautas Loops live

We get people dancing with our show. We will play all the songs in the album plus two unpublished songs wherever you want (Ask for conditions).

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Workshop + Gig

Learn about our songwriting and techniques with us and enjoy them live! (Ask for conditions)

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Workshop + gig + idolatry

On op of having our workshop and gig, we will print out your face and will pray to it publicly before each gig during a year. (Ask for conditions)

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Über dieses Projekt

After a long journey through several genres, Nautas Loops present their first album Aterrizaj zaj zaj and a music video.
Material Minimum Optimum
Mixing and Mastering
10 song mixing by Dani Botafogo and mastering in Mastering Mansion.
€ 1.300
Recording costs
We kept recording costs to a minimum as we recorded in our own home studio renting professional material and using what we already had.
€ 300
Video shooting and production
Video shooting during four days with a professional crew. A fun story of one of our most popular songs.
€ 1.300
Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
We will invest in promotion in several online platforms.
€ 100
Visuals/ animation of all our songs
As we have a good number of close collaborators, we can keep production costs very low keeping great quality.
€ 300
Extra promotion
Ideally, we need further investment in online promotion to reach more people.
€ 200
Gesamt € 3.000 € 3.500

Allgemeine Informationen

Nautas Loops are very happy to announce that we are recording our first musical and audiovisual work! There will be ten songs that we have composed over the past two years, a music video and visuals for all the songs.

We are a duet that explores different musical styles through a loopstation. We have performed in the main alternative venues of Barcelona and have collaborated in various social and artistic projects.

Since we started, we have not stopped working on this project. That is why we have started recording our first album in our home studio and our first music video. We enjoy exploring different styles - Cumbia, experimental, hip hop, rock, psychedelia and this is a project that we want to share with you, because you are a great motivation to keep us going as far as we can.

We meet every week not only to rehearse, but to plan the direction of the duet and thus continue to grow musically. We are fulfilling our dream every day. The response we have had from people during and after our presentations has been a great motivation to continue with this project.


Nautas Loops are Rodrigo Ezquerro (violin, bass, maracas and second voice ) and Sebastián Toro (lead voice, guitar and beatbox).

Connected to a loop station, we explore different styles such as hip hop, cumbia, psychedelia, etc. We record everything live so that the audience has fun watching and listening to our creative process. “You are only two musicians but it seems that you are playing like six!”, They usually tell us.

As for the lyrics of our songs, we make clear our critical position regarding the established social order and mix it with spirituality, humor and hallucinations . We know that we are not going to change the world with our lyrics, but it is necessary to shake brains, question beliefs and touch hearts. Then, let each person take over their own process. We believe in art as an instrument of social and personal transformation.

We have a rich community of artists to produce this album. We have already recorded it including two collaborations with the poet Hector Ayala and the multi-instrumentalist José Acebedo . The mix is in charge of Dani Botafogo. and as for the video clip, we have James Owen and Aisling (Society of Degenerate Artists) , two audiovisual directors who were in charge of filming the video. We are also working hand in hand with fellow designers in the graphic side.

Warum das wichtig ist

We believe that what we do in some way is out of the ordinary because of the mixing of styles and the instruments we use, not every day a violin is accompanied by beatbox and a couple of maracas , all connected to a loop station .

We are also motivated that the critical and satirical vision that we capture in our lyrics continues speading out. This is aimed at curious ears, people who like to sit and listen to different styles and critical and fun lyrics, but also for those who cannot stay in their chair and feel the need to get up to dance.

We have already played in many alternative venues in Barcelona, and we plan to expand our horizons. We want to start playing in other places in Europe and then bring this music to everyone. Since one of the members is Colombian, in the future we want to have the opportunity to play there and in other Latin American countries , because we have great affinity with their music and social dynamics.

Team und Erfahrung

In the last two years, Nautas Loops has performed in well known venues in Barcelona´s alternative scene, such as RAI, Dio Bar, Club Belafonte, La Experimental, Alfa en Viu, L'atelier de Pilar Guell, Bar Arena and Unusual Project .

We have also participated in multidisciplinary artistic events such as The Society of Degenerate Artists and Festival Urban Art and Music BCN, supporting social causes in the Casa de la Solidaridad and in La Caprichosa Espacio Creativo.

During this time, we have collaborated with several artists from different disciplines, such as theatre, photography, poetry, audiovisual direction and music .

We want to expand our network beyond Barcelona, connecting with more artists and people who love innovative proposals around the world. We believe that with our music we can contribute to both a social and personal transformation. Open your ears because Nautas Loops has a lot to tell you!

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