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    Little drops make an ocean , and if you contribute on this reward your name will be on display on our website with in a list of patrons.
    Also, among this patrons, we´ll ruffle:

    • 5 paper subscriptions for La Marea
    • 5 online subscriptions for La Marea
    • 5 Books by author Isaac Rosa

    This awards are generously provided by LA MAREA
    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free (if you are based in Spain).

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    This reward if for people that want to go a step further

    • A stiker
    • A T-Shirt
    • The last issue of periodical journal EL SALTO

    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free ( if you are based in Spain).

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    Are you interested in health food and also have social awareness? This reward is for you:

    • A stiker
    • A T-Shirt
    • The last issue of periodical journal EL SALTO
    • A 25 Eur coupon for your shopping at 2decologico (for a minimum purchase of 50 Eur)

    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free (if you are based in Spain).

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    Only for those who live in Madrid and order this pack before november 30, we will send you this reward before Christmas so that you can give it to whoever you want.

    • One bottle of pink wine Aristu de Navarra
    • One bottle of cider Beobide Caserío
    • One canned can from Pan Do Mar of Mackerel Fillet in Olive Oil
    • One canned can Pan Do Mar of Pickled Mussels
    • One chocolate bar Chocolate BIO Black 75% from Nicaragua (fair trade)

    *We only ship to Madrid

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    People that fight for their rights , get these succulent goods

    • A stiker
    • A T-Shirt
    • A box full of Fair traid goods provided by IDEAS (fair trade)

    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free ( if you are based in Spain).

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    Do you live in a urban enviroment and your´re interesred in local producers , this reward is for you

    • A stiker
    • A T-shirt
    • We organize a visit to one of our local producers for you.
    • You will participate in a tasting of their products
      It´s recommended that you live in Madrid, were our local producers are based. We´ll give you the stiker and T-Shirt during the visit.
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    Homo Agranelus

    Millions of years ago our ancestors never used platic to make their shopping. With this reward you´ll get:
    -A stiker
    -A T-Shirt
    -A reusable shopping bag ( Made of Cotton)

    • A raffia shopping bag (raffia is a natural textil that has been in use in Spain for millennia)
    • 3 reusable packing bags made out of bee wax.
    • 1 Reusable bottle (1 Liter)
    • 1 Recicled glass container
    • 4 Reusable Bamboo straws.

    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free ( if you are based in Spain).

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    We took the name for this reward from one of our members, and we liked it, that’s why you find it here.

    We´ll put your name (or your friends´s name ) in one of our shopping carts or shopping bags used on our future supermarket.

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    You will receive a sticker, a T-Shirt, the last issue of periodical journal EL SALTO and a video from LA OSA staff thanking you personally for your contribution.

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    Through cooperation we get better results, and with your help on this reward we make a big step forward the completion of our project:

    • You will be reconice on our web as Donor
    • A Stiker
    • A T-Shirt
    • The last issue of EL SALTO
    • We organize a visit to one of our local producers for you.
    • You will participate in a tasting of their product
    • A vegentarian luch or dinner with La OSA staff*
    • We´ll put your name ( or your friends´s name ) in one of our shopping carts or shopping bags used on our future supermarket.
    • 6 reusable shopping bags ( Made of Cotton)
    • 1 Rafia shopping bag ( Rafia is a natural textil that has been in use in Spain for milenia)
    • 6 reusable packing bags made out of Beeswax.
    • 2 Reusable bottle ( 1 Liter)
    • 2 Recycled glass container
    • 8 Reusable Bamboo straws.

    *For our dinner, it´ll be great if you live in Madrid
    *We´ll ship you these rewards for free ( if you are based in Spain).

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    If you want that your inmediate community or business gets involved on a sustanibile consumption model , this reward is for you.
    We´ll organize for your community/business a workshop about sustaible consumption and focused on food , providing your comunit an usfull tool : Prepare all your week meals in just one day.
    Also , 2D will provide you with *50 Kgs of sesonal fruits and vegentables and two paper annual subscritions to EL SALTO.

    *This reward is focus for bussiness. We´ll love to organized the workshop at your workplace. If you prefered the workshop to be organize somewhere else, just let us know.

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Über dieses Projekt

Please help in the creation of the first Food Coop in Madrid.

Bedarf Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Building planning and design
To make La OSA a reality, we must start with a design and building planning. This first item it's a must. We will be covering with this, our Architecture fees and Engineering cost that will guide us on the construction of the supermarket. We are also planning to cover with this expense all the cost related to health and safety during the works.
€ 25.000
There´re a lot of people working together to make this crowdfunding be a success, including Goteo. We´re also planning to use a part of this expenses in the promotion of this campaign.
€ 5.000
Building work license
This part of the budget is dedicated to : City Licenses, Construction Licenses, Waste Licenses and building insurance.
€ 21.000
IT Infrastructure
This part of the budget is dedicated to IT. We’ll need hardware and software to run our business. We’re planning to implement an ERP that will help to manage all processes. We´ll need computers and a infrastructure to organize all the aspect of the business. Odoo is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that has been used for several years by La Louve , a successful Food Coop based in Paris , France, that had customized Odoo over the years to help then run all managements areas needed for a Food Coop Market..
€ 14.000
We´ll need to pay rent for our building during the construction phase. We want to make sure that we could cover rent expenses in the case our construction phase need to be extended.
€ 13.000
Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
Shipping costs
This expense will be used to cover the shipping cost for the rewards that we´re proposing to our contributors.
€ 2.000
Gesamt € 32.000 € 80.000

Allgemeine Informationen

La Osa, is a Food Coop Market that has been created with the aim of transforming the existing consumption model here in Madrid, Spain, allowing members to participate actively through cooperation and teamwork while building an alternative to commercial profit-oriented business.

To make this transformation happens, we need your help. We need some initial funds, that added to the contribution made by our members, will help us to ensure a mortgage already negotiated with the Ethical bank. This mortgage it´s fundamental to complete successfully our project.

This is the reason why we´re reaching to you via this campaign asking for your help. We want to make sure that we´re open in mid-2020 to serve our growing community.

La Osa is nonprofit and proposes a business model that strives to reduce our impact in the world supporting sustainable production & distribution. We´re engage in building a community where we act as buying agents and where social and environmental principles are shared with in and by our members. We´re committed to diversity and equality. We strive to make La OSA welcoming and accessible to all.

Member participations is a key factor that differentiate La OSA from other market models, allowing to reduce operative cost and increase benefits for members. La OSA will reduce commercial margins to provide coop members with good quality product at lowers prices.


We have a mission to become a supermarket owned, managed and operated democratically by our members. Members are our customers, but also people with different skills and backgrounds that will help to fill and drive the different positions that will be need it to run our organization.
We want to be a successful model that other communities could take as a reference and transform the food sector.

These are the 5 values we share in our organization.

• Compromise: A firm compromise with people and society. We offer the opportunity to provide an active and responsible role for consumers a community members. We´re committed to help low income families to get access to good quality produces at a fair

• Transparency: Our transparency policy, provides every member or forecasting member all information needed to know about our project.

• Cooperation: We are an organization based on cooperation, and we´re aiming to share our knowledge and tools to all people and projects that share our principles and values.

• Creativity: We´re a community where curiosity and critical thinking make us work together. Our goal is to reach a consumption model that will be continuously improving, focusing on benefits that we could provide to our community.

• Inclusion: We are committed to diversity and equality. We oppose discrimination in any form. We strive to make the Coop welcoming and accessible to all and to respect the opinions, needs and concerns of every member.

Warum das wichtig ist

La OSA is aim to people who think that food could help to drive social change and economic e equity, believing that is necessary to have a change on the existing model on commercial food distribution. Thus, any person of any age, gender, social or cultural background, could be part our project. We are committed to diversity and equality.

Team und Erfahrung

2decologico (2D) is an organic food store located in Malasaña (Madrid) that has been providing seasonal, sustainable and locals products since 2016 to the neighborhood.

MARES, was a program runned by the city of Madrid that focused on social equity and urban transformation. Taking Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, New York, as a model , started mobilizing people in the community that will be interested in the creation of the first Food Coop in Madrid.

MARES provided 2D with resources, advice and help to build a team of volunteers and professionals that shaped the future supermarket. After several months of hard work and planning, 2D became La OSA.

La OSA has now a dedicated team of 6 employees that, with the help of other Coop members, is leading all the efforts to ensure the completion of the project by mid 2020s.

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Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger

    The food and agriculture sector offers key solutions for development, and is central for hunger and poverty eradication.

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss