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Your name on the Wall of ‘La Parcela’ in Cádiz!

The name of all the people who contribute to this campaign will be posted on a wall of appreciation within the school garden itself. The wall of our hope

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Postal digital calvichis + Your name

You will receive a digital postal greeting. Design by one of our close friends from Calvichis. http://calvichis.com! .

Your name in the Cadiz' Parcela's wall

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Visita with a present or video + your name

Guide visit to our cites if you live in Cadiz. Take a present woth our greetings

Your name in the Cadiz' Parcela's wall

Hacienda will refund 24€

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Bag + Visit and present or phone call + your name

The first Mar de Verde Bag.

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Calvichis' T-Shirt + Visit with present or video + your name

a Calvichis' at tehe Parcela. You'll receive the first La Mar de Verde t-shirt
The first La marde Verde bag
Visit guided if you live in Cadiz
If you are not in Cadiz. You will receive a video to upgrade your home

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Calvichis' personalized and T-Shirt + Bag + Visit with present or video + your name

For the first 5 donors, our friends at https://calvichis.com will design a calvichis from the portrait you send and it will arrive printed on a sheet that will look great!

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La Mar de Verde Patronage + Solidarity Patronage

We will support you to start an urban agriculture project if you are in the Bay of Cádiz.

If you are outside of Cádiz, you will make it possible for a neighbourhood group with few resources to start their urban agriculture project alongside us
Sponsor a neighborhood to take ‘La Mar de Verde’ there!

A designer in ‘La Parcela’ T-shirt! You will receive the first ‘La Mar de Verde’ T-shirt designed by our friends at https://calvichis.com

The first ‘La Mar de Verde’ bag!

If you are outside of Cádiz we will send you a video guide to create an allotment garden in your home! And if you need it, we will call you to give personal advice.

If you live in Cádiz, you can visit us and take away a thank you gift.

Your name on the Wall of ‘La Parcela’ in Cádiz!

Treasury returns € 417.5 as a natural person
Treasury returns € 350 to you as a legal entity

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Über dieses Projekt

Help us promote the Allotment Garden School of Cádiz, learning to sow plants among the asphalt.
Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Enable the ‘guided growing’ programs in the Allotment Garden School
We need to pay for the role of coordination and ‘guided growing’ (practical horticulture with an experienced guide on hand) on the Allotment Garden School. The tireless work of our volunteers deserves to be recognised and remunerated. Help us with a part
$ 5,091
Monitoring and systematization of training programs
With this amount you can strengthen the training programs, and support us to regain and share the knowledge gained from the Allotment Garden School with other communities.
$ 2,829
Material Minimum Optimum
Watering system
It is critically important that we install a watering system at the ‘La Parcela' plot, to make growing and harvesting possible. Due to the climatic conditions of our local area, with long, dry summer months, it is not realistic to cultivate food without a watering system. We have been watering by hand, but this is very time-consuming. Help us free up our volunteer labour for other tasks!
$ 1,697
Mechanical tools and the greenhouse
Once the essential objectives are covered, we can buy different mechanical tools, freeing up time to invest in guided growing. With this level of funding, we can also install a greenhouse space to protect seedlings and young plants in the winter.
$ 2,263
Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
Reconditioning the Allotment Garden School to make it accessible to user groups of varied abilities: ramps, growing tables and raised beds at different levels and shaded spaces.
$ 1,697
Gesamt $ 8,486 $ 13,577

Allgemeine Informationen

The ‘Mar de Verde’ Association needs your help to launch and re-enforce the work of ‘La Parcela’ Allotment Garden School in Cádiz.

This space will be a nursery of citizen initiatives to kickstart distinct urban agriculture projects: school allotment gardens, community plots, a network of green roof terraces, growing plots for associations … that will serve to re-enforce learning and community cohesion, in preparation for socio-environmental challenges ahead.

The ‘La Parcela’ plot has been given to our association, but we need to find resources to keep it going as a seedbed of learning for the children, young people and adults who have realised that we need to look to the earth, find reconciliation, and learn to care for and cultivate our planet.

We have dedicated four years of tireless volunteer labour to this project, but we can’t continue in this way alone. We need to consolidate our work of teaching and learning from the earth and sharing with our community.


• it is a socio-environmental project, committed to caring for nature
• it is collaborative, creating union and promoting cooperation in the face of challenges and collective needs
• it is intergenerational, with the participation of people of all ages
• we believe in diversity as a force for change, including people of different cultures and capabilities
• it is practical and tangible; we don’t just talk about change, we are the change!

Warum das wichtig ist

• The project is aimed at all people, of all ages, without distinctions of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, who want to learn to cultivate the earth in a collective manner.
• it is aimed, through its location, at the inhabitants of the city of Cádiz, an island that lacks cultivable soil.
• it is also aimed at conscientious people, who believe in solidarity, who know that collective agricultural projects are a priority for the planet.

Team und Erfahrung

Our association – ‘La Mar de Verde’ - was created in 2017. Since then, we have been preparing to launch our collective growing project: to kickstart a nursery of urban agricultural citizen initiatives in the city of Cádiz. Cádiz city council has granted us the use of ‘La Parcela’, a 2000m2 space at the entrance to the city, which has allowed us to tackle this mission. But the arrival of the pandemic paralysed all our activities, dependant as they are on interpersonal contact.

Now, with the pandemic appearing to abate, we propose the relaunch of our project. We need all types of help: money to buy tools and materials; money to survive until the arrival of public grant funding (which is always slow to arrive); resources to improve our future projection and mission, to enable and rehabilitate our growing spaces.

As well as ‘La Parcela’, we have the use of a greenhouse and other spaces at the ‘Tartessos Centre’, granted to us by sister associations.

Up till now, we have created fertile soil from nothing, from plant waste we have collected and converted into compostable material. We have stood up for the environmental struggles of our city. We have shared our resources and knowledge with whoever has needed it. We have contributed to the fabric of our city, sharing with our sister organizations. And we have made green what before was only grey.

We are 30 people deeply involved in the work of ‘La Mar de Verde’

Gesellschaftliches Engagement