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    You don't have much to spend, but you really want to help the cause.

    By contributing €1 you will still get our eternal gratitude, plus you will receive updates through a specially created forum within the platform, where you can leave us your comments. Help us to become the biggest space for solutions against the gender gap in music! (Please 🙏🏻)

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    Femnøise Friends' Club

    Receive a digital card to keep in your wallet, along with a code that identifies you as a member of the "Club de Amigxs de Femnøise ". With this card you will have a series of benefits that we will generate over time with actions in different parts of the world... take us everywhere!... at the least expected moment you can meet another member of the club 🔥 !

    👉🏼 Your actual spend will be €2 if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will give you €8 back on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    Club + Tote Bag

    Receive your digital club card and its benefits + a tote bag for "making noise"
    [In case we hadn't told you, FEM in Catalan = we make + NOISE = Noise] .... #wemakenoise

    (Free shipping to the peninsula)
    Your actual spend will be 4€ **if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will give you back €16 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    Club + "Femnoisers" T-shirt

    Become a "Femnøiser" by wearing our vindicative t-shirt to make some noise.
    You can choose one of these two models, Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL

    (Free shipping to the peninsula)
    Your actual spend will be 6€** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will refund €24 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    Club + Becky Jaraiz exclusive design T-shirt

    Together with your Femnøise Friends Club card, you will get a T-shirt designed exclusively for Femnøise by the Berlin-based Spanish illustrator Becky Jaraiz.

    Becky has illustrated for documentaries such as "Ausencias" by Alicia Elero or "¿Qué co#o está pasando?" by Marta Jaenes and Rosa Márquez. She also collaborated with cultural projects and curated group exhibitions such as "Boys will be boys", which was shown in several galleries and art centres in Germany or "A B S T A N D", which motivated her to start the feminist art collective Pussart.

    Get your T-shirt and claim through Becky's art, the role of women in music!
    Choose your model! ** Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL

    (Free shipping to mainland Spain)
    Your actual spend will be 6€** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will refund €24 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    FEMPACK 1: Let's make noise!

    A pack to make noise! claim the role of women and dissidence in music wearing our FEMPACK!
    It includes:

    • Digital card as a member of Amigxs Club
    • 1 Femnøise T-shirt model of your choice. Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL
    • 1 Tote Bag
    • Free access to 5 nano-courses on the Femnøise platform (access is for life)

    (Free shipping to mainland Spain)
    Your actual spend will be 10€** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will give you back €40 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    FEMPACK 2: #supportingwomeninmusic

    Take all our mercha to make a lot of noise! Because you are a real supporter and demand more space for women in the industry.

    Our FEMPACK 2 includes:

    • Digital card as a member of the Amigxs Club
    • 1 Femnøie Cap
    • Tote Bag
    • 1 Femnøise T-Shirt model of your choice. Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL
    • 1 Becky Jaraiz Line T-shirt, model of your choice. Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXL
    • Free access to 5 nano-courses on the Femnøise platform (access is for life)

    (Free shipping to mainland Spain)
    Your actual spend will be 20€** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will give you €80 back on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    Femnøise Experience Tour (Electronic Music)

    Do you like electronic music, do you want to know from the inside how the electronic music scene in Barcelona is managed, and do you want to enjoy the secret corners of tapas and bars, those emblematic places that mark the night of Barcelona, this reward is for you! 🖤 . We prepare 3 days and 2 nights for you to get to know in depth the Femnøise experience in the electronic scene:

    This reward includes:

    • Visit and Talk at Femnøise's studios and offices inside SAE Institute
    • Talk in the studios with some DJ's from Femnøise Agency's roster, to exchange experiences
    • 2 Tapas tour to build up your strength before the night out (includes 6-8 quality tapas + 5-6 drinks per night out)
    • 2 night outings to Barcelona nightclubs with backstage experience (to get to know how the club works from the inside)
    • 1 Extra bonus outing to a secret location in the Barcelona underground, where only members are admitted.

    Not included:

    • Flights
    • Accommodation

    Your actual spend will be 62,5€** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will refund you €137.5 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    SAE Experience

    Do you want to live the experience of being an SAE student, one of the largest creative media schools in the world?
    Thanks to our partners SAE Insitute Spain, we make it possible.

    What is included?

    Not included:

    • Flights to Barcelona or Madrid
    • Stay in Barcelona or Madrid

    Your actual spend will be €242,5** if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will refund you €257.5 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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    Brands that make Noise

    Brands are more than welcome to help us amplify the message - we like active brands! beyond logos, we propose you to create specific brand actions in our community. We have many ideas to surprise you.

    Your actual spend will be 1.950€ if you donate from Spain. Hacienda will give you back €1,050 on your tax return. Find out how it works here: Tax calculator

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Über dieses Projekt

Digital tools that drive the discovery and marketing of women's products and services in the music industry.

Bedarf Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
Plugin multivendedores frontend y backend
This plugin allows us to manage a multi-vendor platform within the overall development.
€ 599
Servers to support the material uploaded by the creators and all the movement of the platform.
€ 250
CRM system (customer and creative relationship management)
It allows us to generate a marketing, sales and customer loyalty campaign for our creators, in order to promote the sale of their services/products. During the first 6 months of operation. It is essential for the generation of demand.
€ 720
Crowdfunding Fees (Minimum)
Commissions on average for the minimum. Platform costs: Drip 5% + banks 0.8% + PayPal 3,4% + 0,35 € per transaction.
€ 399
Crowdfunding fees (optimal)
Commissions on average for the optimum. Platform costs: Drip 5% + banks 0.8% + PayPal 3,4% + 0,35 € per transaction.
€ 1.054
Shipping Crowdfunding Rewards (optimal)
Sending the optimum rewards
€ 280
Bedarf Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Salary Computer technician for implementation
72 hours of our technical specialist in platform development and onboarding. He will test the prototypes and fine-tune them for the launch. Commissioning of the platform.
€ 1.500
Project Manager
Part-time salary for 6 months to hire a project manager for the project. To be able to perform the necessary functions to make the platform self-sustaining, fulfilling the functions of: 1.- Planning 2.- Establishing objectives 3.- Supervision of tasks and suppliers Implementation of changes and solutions
€ 4.800
Salary Computer technician for maintenance
100 hours of our specialist technician for the maintenance of the platform for 6 months.
€ 2.000
Salary: Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist Advisor
To ensure the success of supply and demand for the platform's users, and thus meet each of the platform's objectives. It is necessary to have the consultancy work of a specialist in the field of communication and digital marketing.
€ 2.500
Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
Physical Crowdfunding Rewards (for the minimum)
We have prepared some very cool rewards, and to make them effective we need for the minimum: 50 T-shirts, 50 Totebags and 50 caps + silkscreen printing.
€ 556
Shipping Crowdfunding Rewards (minimum)
Shipping costs of the rewards.
€ 140
Social Media Advertising
ADS campaigns on social media are essential both to attract new users to the platform and to promote demand for the products they offer on the platform.
€ 250
100% dedicated computer
The technology requires dedicated processes to allow the memory to function optimally. It would be ideal to have the association's own computer dedicated to the technical and operational needs of the platform.
€ 2.249
Physical Crowdfunding Rewards (for optimum)
In case we reach the optimum (fingers crossed), we will need double the amount of physical rewards. So we add: 50 T-shirts, 50 Totebags and 50 caps + silkscreen printing.
€ 556
Gesamt € 4.414 € 17.853

Allgemeine Informationen

"Fighting the gender gap for a more equal world requires passion, dedication, information, resources, opportunity and mutual support. - Natalia San Juan, director Femnøise Association.

The music industry and its ecosystem, presents a precarious structure for women: average salaries well below the average salary, high temporality, few long career paths, lack of presence in certain trades or high positions, routines that do not encourage family reconciliation and a clear lack of representation both above and below the stages of festivals in Spain and the world.

And as if this were not enough, the arrival of the pandemic and its consequent economic crisis that punishes - and continues to punish - the cultural and nightlife sector, and especially women (as stated in the United Nations SDG5) It puts women in our sector in check and threatens a profound reversal of the small gains made so far.

Women creators and professionals who make up the music industry ecosystem, we need access faster than ever to more and better opportunities that redress the historic gender imbalance in this sector.

So let's take action, and this is where you are an essential link in providing the solution.

Our platform is designed in phases. The first phase femnøise went live in August 2020, to create COMMUNITY. We wanted to know and group together the women and dissidents who are part of the music ecosystem, to know where they are and what kind of activity they carry out. To do this, we created a large global map that works as a search engine, a social network for users to interact with each other and a nano-course section where each of them can contribute their skills or knowledge to empower the network.

One year later, we are still growing the community - already with more than 2,800 users from all continents - and it's time to activate the second phase. Thanks to your contribution, we can activate one more equity tool in the music industry: FEMMARKET.

FemMarket is envisioned as a talent discovery and marketing platform that allows women and non-binary creators in the music industry to collaborate with other music creators, share content and manage relationships. It allows creators to not only collaborate, but also buy and sell products and services from the global music industry ecosystem.



FemMarket is a specific niche multi-seller marketplace (the ecosystem of the music industry) where each creator or professional will be able to generate her own personalised and free web portfolio from where she will be able to sell/find products and services related to the needs of other creators and industry players.

At the same time it presents the solution for the booking of bands, djs and solo artists present in the industry, with an automated management system, thus promoting the recruitment of new and underrepresented talent without intermediaries.


📌 Every user can sell/find products related to the music ecosystem, such as samples, loops, beats, locutions, album covers, or their own productions and albums independently.

📌 Bands, solo artists and dj's can be booked directly by the platform without intermediaries and manage their bookings.

📌 Professionals and industry workers can offer services within the platform, such as: mixing and mastering services, music production for third parties, track reviews, composers, journalists and photographers specialised in artists or events, staff for the crew of your next event, among many other possibilities.

Help us to make the leap and position ourselves as the music booking platform for women and non-binary creators!


The proceeds of the campaign will be used to cover the expenses generated in this second phase of the platform called FemMarket.
On the one hand, by reaching the minimum we will be able to cover the necessary expenses for the development of the prototype in its most basic but already functional stage on which to continue working.

On the other hand, reaching the optimum will allow us, among other things, to remunerate the work of a multidisciplinary team whose work will be aimed at facilitating access to the supply and demand of products and services derived from the music industry and generated by women or non-binary creators. At the same time it will allow us to advance in the most optimal development of the prototype to turn it into an efficient and easy to use functional tool. It is essential that you help us spread the word to reach this optimum! 🙏🏻

Warum das wichtig ist


👉🏼 Because we want more women to be able to make a living from their passion, music.
We have surveyed our community and only 39% can say that they make a living from their work in this industry. We want to open up business opportunities and diversification for them. Encourage entrepreneurship in our sector.

Because we want to support and connect emerging and underrepresented talent with agencies, bookers and promoters to boost their careers within the music ecosystem. We want to be the platform that drives the booking of emerging talent!** We will facilitate access to new sales and promotion channels.

👉🏼 Because we want the big players in the industry to have it easy, and have no more excuses for not including new proposals from women and dissidents, or finding working women in the different positions in the music and creative industry.

👉🏼 Because we want to create an unprecedented virtual space where you can find in one place, products and services from the music ecosystem made by female creators for male and female creators from all over the world.

👉🏼 Because we are based on feminist economics as a mechanism for the radical transformation of society Because living in equality means turning around a world in which inequality is the norm.

👉🏼 Because we believe that by generating gender equity proposals and measures, we will finally achieve equality for our industry.

Team und Erfahrung

We were born as a collective in 2017 to vindicate the role of women and dissidence in electronic music. We were born with the mission to make noise. Since then - and after having worked for two years as bookers - we decided to look for global solutions to fight the gender gap beyond activism, adding the technological component and the digital economy**.

That's when we decided to create a technological solution that would allow us to help a greater number of women, beyond our borders and beyond our possibility of representation as bookers in electronic music. This is how in December 2019 the idea of the Digital Platform was born and during 2020 we shaped, activated, pivoted and moved forward.

  • During 2020 we were promoted by the Pre Incubation Programme of the Barcelona Local Development Agency (Barcelona Activa).
  • We were also promoted through our founder Natalia San Juan, by the European Keychange Programme for gender parity in the music industry.
  • We won the [Spanish Ministry of Culture] (https://www.culturaydeporte.gob.es/portada.html) fund for the modernisation of cultural industries.
  • We participated in the Matchimpulsa 100/20/10 cross-feminist programme for the digital platform for the Social Solidarity and Collaborative Economy in Barcelona, promoted by Dimmons, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa.
  • We were finalists in the Premis Dona Tic, entrepreneur category, through our founder. Prize awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • We won the Beques Premis Barcelona, to make our first album EP 21, inclusive music.

As a result of our constant, door to door and professional work, we have achieved recognition and visibility in the industry at both national and international professional level, which allows us to open many key doors, giving us the perfect support to approach the real needs and connections necessary to provide the solution.

Who are we involved in this project?

Maite Perez (Director of the Association). She is also in charge of the finances and the management of each of our actions. Without her we would have a hard time.

Natalia San Juan (Founder and Director). Producer and Music Activist, founder of the movement in 2017 and promoter of various projects within the organisation. You can see her in different professional fairs inside and outside Spain, amplifying our message beyond borders.

Sandra Montero (Strategic Consultant). Communications specialist and good music addict. She is the one who helps us find the right way to tell what we do and thus achieve a greater impact and therefore reach more corners where there are women and dissidents in the music ecosystem.

Fernando Domeq (Computer Scientist). He is the one who makes all those crazy ideas that come to our heads come true. Fernando manages all our technological side and our expectations about it.

Luciana Balbi (LATAM Representative). She is the one who generates synergies across the pond. Together with Barcelona, Luciana looks for the best ways to build solid bridges to help artists and workers "there" and "here".

Viki Anta (Creativity and support). Crazy ideas always come first from talking it over with Viki, a good chat is enough to get inspired.

And the next one can be you! .... have a look at the "collaborations" section.

Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

  • Partnerships for the Goals

    Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development