Da Salud y Ghana

Zaragoza, España
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With a small gesture you can change the world !!!

Appreciation in Social Networks

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Personal Acknowledgments in Social Networks and Bookmarks

Thank all those who have contributed money through the social networks and bookmarks of "Da Salud and Ghana".

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Personalized calendar with friends from Ghana and thanks

Personalized photo calendar of the Assan Children's Home Orphanage. In addition to acknowledgments in the social networks

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Über dieses Projekt

Its main objective is the supply of clinical material at the Assan Children's home orphanage in Kumasi, Ghana.
Material Minimum Optimum
Hospital Material
Medical books in English, utensils, clinical material and medicines
€ 3.500
Extra material for wheelchairs, crutches ...
€ 3.000
Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
Container to take the material from Spain to Ghana
€ 500
Plane tickets
Airline tickets to travel and take the material to Ghana
€ 1.000
Check in baggage
Check in for the flight to Ghana
€ 200
Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Goteo Percentage
Goteo Percentage
€ 230
Elaboration of personalized calendars with illustrations of the orphanage and its evolution
€ 300
Gesamt € 5.730 € 8.730

Allgemeine Informationen

"Da Salud y Ghana" is a project formed by two people committed to social change and solidarity. The project aims to supply clinical material at the Assan Children's Home of Kumasi in Ghana. This requires the collection of funds, material and clinical bibliography through techniques such as crownfunding, solidarity vermouths, raffles, benefit auctions and other contributions. The channels of diffusion will be mainly social media platforms like Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube by posting events, photos and videos. Also by posters and flyers distributed in the city of Zaragoza.


  1. The main objective is to supply clinical material, medicines and medicines, clinical literature in the Assan Children's Home Hospital.

  2. Get part of the city of Kumasi to access primary health care.

  3. Attend the basic needs of the children of the Assan Children's Home orphanage.

  4. Deliver basic Health to the communities closest to the Hospital.

  5. Sensitize our society through testimonies of the reality that many children live in Ghana.

Warum das wichtig ist

After spending a few days at the Assan Chindren's Home orphanage, we realized the need for impulse and help, including volunteers and workers. The resources there are scarce. The state does not intervene in these cases leaving thousands of orphaned children and people with medical care needs helpless.

Anyone willing to do more than the already much appreciated contribution through Goteo.org, is welcome to join as a volunteer in Kumasi to see the reality that ravages all these people without means or resources. We would be delighted to make you part of this wonderful project.

Team und Erfahrung

The team consists of two people who have voluntarily worked in the orphanage and hospital of Assan Children's Home during a week, discovering their real needs and documenting them through photos, videos and interviews.

We can count with invaluable human resources in Ghana because, thanks to our good work as volunteers we met a lot of wonderful native people in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and Cape Coast who are willing to help with everything we need to turn this project into a reality.

Gesellschaftliches Engagement