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    a mug with a caricature by Luis Grañera

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    -Book “Clave Intelectual”
    -Daily press review.
    -Preview of editorial content.

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    "Bright young hopes" section

    With these contributions, we will develop a new talents section, where we will select a text, a video and photography among those sent by the "bright young hopes".

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    Meeting with the editors

    Participate in an encounter about journalism and meet the CTXT editing team. We will inform you of the exact date, but we anticipate that it will take place in Madrid during the spring of 2016 ;)

    Also: - “Clave Intelectual” book -eBook. -Daily press review -preview of editorial content.

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After a few weeks campaigning in Goteo, this is what we have been telling you (click here).
Wow! A donation of €1,000 to our campaign in Goteo, many thanks!
We have received a donation of €500 in the campaign, thank you!
Great! Minimum funding goal accomplished! Thanks to all of you who supported and spread our campaign in Goteo!

Dos semanas más de Goteo

Tras 26 días de la campaña 'El contexto lo es todo', en CTXT hemos conseguido alcanzar el 61% de la financiación y los 32.000 euros para el proyecto. Gracias a los cerca de 800 mecenas que ya se han unido...

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15 días de la campaña 'El contexto lo es todo'

La campaña 'El contexto lo es todo' de CTXT cumple medio mes con el 43% de la cofinaciación completada y cerca de 530 mecenas apostando por nuestro poryecto. Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a todos los que se han...

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'Context means everything'

CTXT was born in order to respond to a democratic emergency --namely, to the lack of independence of the Spanish and european press, which is increasingly submissive to the financial and political powers that be. Now CTXT seeks to consolidate...

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Una semana de la campaña 'El contexto lo es todo'

Se cumplen siete días de la campaña 'El contexto lo es todo'. Durante este tiempo 368 personas han depositado su confianza en el proyecto de CTXT, aportando más de 16.500 euros. Estamos muy agradecidos a todos...

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