Building Communities of Commons in Greece

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    e-card plus credit

    A thank you e-card illustrated with a picture, addressed to you personally + your name will be credited in the supporters' list on the website

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    e-card plus credit on the web and on the film

    A thank you e-card + your name will be credited in the supporters' list on the website and also in the final credits of the documentary

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    digital poster

    e-card + mention in the supporters' list on the website + digital poster in high resolution (for A3 print size)

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    original soundtrack digital files

    e-card + credits + digital poster + link to download the music score in high quality audio

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    e-card + credits + digital poster + cd with the music score + a T-shirt with the logo, kind offer of the community. The T-shirts come in various colours and sizes (men/ladies/kids).

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    original soundtrack and the documentary DVD

    All the above plus the music score cd and the documentary DVD.
    Feel free to copy, share and organize screenings (just drop a word back to us, in that case, to include it on our news...)

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    All the above + honorary mention with name, organisation name or logo featured in the credits of the documentary film as co-producer

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10 days / 10 ημέρες / 10 días!

27 | 10 | 2015


   - Hola a tod@s! -

It's time of kazanemata in Sarantaporo!

So, it's been already 10 days since we launched this campaign!

And, already, so many people have responded to our call; in all the ways we had hoped for: not only by contributing money into it, but also by taking upon them to the role of ambassador of this campaign (links below; some in greek only) or by getting involved (thank you George and Athanasios!) and caring to share their knowledge on some issues (thank you Ivan for your tips!).

to all of you,



links and thanks to:

the guys at the P2P Lab and P2P Foundation (here), the CommonsFest community (here), the greek FOSS community (here), the community (here) and Athanasios and the TS team (here)



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