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    Black and white photo of the donor with his/her first and last name on a panel located in front of the fireplace. Your collaboration will be recognized and valued by local citizens and tourists visiting the chimney. Also get a cup of breakfast with the name of our Project, A-cércate and a T-shirt with the name of our Project- A-cércate.

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Über dieses Projekt

Let´s save the chimney of de paper factory.

Bedarf Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
crown chimney restauration.
A chimney is damaged by the action of the meteorological elements, the abandonment and the action of the chemical agents that came out of it. A true reconstruction is necessary, with original materials in order to avoid accidents by landslides or the disappearance by a new ray.
€ 3.000
Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
Installation of lightning Rods
It is necessary to install a lightning rod in the chimney to avoid irreparable damage to the chimney as a result of this type of meteorological phenomena.
€ 2.000
Gesamt € 3.000 € 5.000

Allgemeine Informationen

The chimney is par excellence the symbol of the city ofPeñarroya-Pueblonuevothe industrial area of the Mining and Metallurgical Society (SMMP)of Peñarroyaknown as “el Cerco” is the most important of its monuments. After years of abandonment and pillaging, it is urgent to implement initiatives for the restoration and rehabilitation of some elements of this heritage both in an efficient and inexpensive way, but most importantly, in a way that involves the local youth.
The town’s industrial heritage needs to be showcased so as to boost its self-esteem, tourism and economy.
The conversion of disused railway tracks across Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo into greenways carried out by the town’s youth together with the use that locals and outsiders as well as foreigners make of them are just some examples of the results that the Heritage of SMMP can yield with very little investment.
Nowadays, we would like to initiate the restoration of a part of the industrial area starting from our chimneys due to the spread of the greenways -some of which come by the old factories- and the increasing interest in the history of SMMP.
To sum up, we aim at turning these slender buildings into unique constructions, a day and night landmark which invites everyone to get to know the history of SMMP, and into an element of pride for the community.
In the same vein, we would like to use this opportunity to seal the twinning with the rest of towns which were head offices of this multinational company, as a symbol of fraternity and universal friendship.

After taking over the HorcajoMining Society in 1996, the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroyaobtained its lead mines and over 6,000 hectares of field in the South of the province of Ciudad Real.
Soon, the company started planting eucalyptuses and pine trees on that field in order to get timber for shoring and for building railroad ties to fulfil the needs of its railway lines.
In the same way, the fields were broken up to plant cereal and cotton, essential raw materials for the production of fabrics such as paper or jute.
Almost at the same time, a second industrial area, which included two factories for the production of paper and jute, started to be built in Peñarroya. The Spanish Society of Industrial Fabrics had just been born. In 1914 the first tests started, but it was not until 1916 that the first paper packaging, jute for sacks and other fabrics for civil use were manufactured. The fabrics for the carpets of theMuseodel Prado, the best art gallery in the world, were produced by the Society in 1928.
In 1929, the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroya decided to sell the Southern Paper Society due to lack of performance. However, it kept its revenue share.
During the Spanish Civil War, the factory of Peñarroyawas in charge of producing the paper for the printing of newspapers in the Republican area after the rebels had taken over the rest of factories of this kind.
After surviving the war, the factory continued its activity until 1968, when it was finally closed down. This factory’s chimney was the penultimate to be extinguished in the whole industrial mining complex of Peñarroya.
In the 1990s, the Spanish Institute for Geology and Mining (IGME) acquired the paper factory’s building to housethe only mining mineral collectionof the country to which numerous researchers and staff from national construction companies turn to.
The chimney together with the area surrounding the factory was sold to a private citizen.
In 2011, the chimney expelled coloured smokeon the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Cerco, an initiative driven by the Association La Maquinilla with the aim of attracting attention to the need of recovering the Industrial Heritage of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroya.
In 2017, on the occasion of its centenary, this Association together with young people of the town intended to restore the chimney so it can stand for another 100 years, and illuminate it so that it becomes the most important night landmark of the town and the entire region of Guadiato.
Also in 2017, the chimney was declared Site of Cultural Interest by the Consejería de Cultura of the Junta de Andalucía in the category of Place of Industrial Interest.


The goals of our project are:
-To restore the Industrial Heritage of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroya (SMMP).
-To turn the industrial brick chimney into the landmark of the city of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo.

  • To involve the young people of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevoin the rehabilitation of its Industrial Heritage.
    -To make young people aware of the need for caring about the material memory of the SMMP.
    -To promote industrial tourism related to the SMMP in the town.
    -To turn the chimney into the real international referent for all the groups and towns that one day were linked to this company.
    -To involve the local authorities in the restoration of the Industrial Heritage of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo.
  • To obtain the Industrianalabel of the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, as European site of Industrial Interest and a as recognition of good practice in relation to this type of Heritage.
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Warum das wichtig ist

There is a real risk that our chimneys may be destroyed by a ray in a stormy day, as it has already happened to some of them. Another risk is due to the abandonment of these elements caused by the lack of funds from large public administrations devoted to the preservation of this type of Heritage, as it not yet considered as such.
Twelve industrial brick chimneys have been recorded in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo. Only one of them is in an acceptable state of preservation. The rest are severely threatened not only by the time spent without maintenance but by the indifference of those who live by them.
We believe that the rehabilitation of the paper factory’s chimney could encourage the restoration of the rest of chimneys in the town and build a powerful landmark for the town to stimulate tourism and sense of identity.
Target individuals and groups of the project:
-Young people fromPeñarroya-Pueblonuevo
-Ex-workers and ex-managers of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroya worldwide
-Groups for the defence and promotion of the Industrial Heritage.
-Cultural Associations in general
-Groups of workers of the SMMP worldwide

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Team und Erfahrung

The Association La Maquinilla is the senior member of the groups in defence of the Industrial Heritage of the Valle del Guadiato, in the province of Córdoba. Its headquarters is located in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, a town once rich in both mineral and industrial resources which now possesses one of the best and most threatened examples of Industrial Heritage in Andalucía.
It is registered in the Spanish National Registry of Associations since September 2011. The association’s goal and origin result from the abandonment of elements of both tangible and intangible heritage of the mining basin and particularly, the largest ensemble of industrial brick chimneys in the South of Spain located in the area known as Cerco de Peñarroya.
In order to showcase such a heterogeneous and interrelated Heritage, the Association decided to undertake the Greenway of Guadiato’s project whose aims are: firstly, to create the necessary security conditions for the visit to these deteriorated spaces; secondly, tobringthese distinguishing marks closer to citizens in a healthy way; and thirdly, to create an emerging touristic product of ecologic and environmental character around the old headframes, train stations and factories.
This initiative has made possible the creation, in 2014, of the Greenway La Maquinilla (8 km) between Belmez and the industrial area of Peñarroya, the recognition in 2015 of the Greenway of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo (3,2km.) located in the town centre which connects numerous railway and industrial remains, as well as the Greenway of FuenteObejuna (4km.), in 2017.
Concurrently with this work, the Association initiated the project A-cércate, an intense pedagogical and vindicating campaign in educational centres and local, regional and provincial institutions whose most significant event is the Day of the Cerco because of its emotional and visual impact. During this celebration the 9 brick chimneys of the Industrial Area of Peñarroyaexpel coloured smoke simultaneously with the aim of building a positive image of this Heritage among our neighbours, attracting attention from our authorities on the importance of preserving the chimneys as a landmark of our town and offering a modern and optimistic image to anyone who looks at us from outside. It is celebrated every year on the 4th December, the feast of Santa Barbara.
Although it started off with a bunch of people, nowadays it has 40 members and collaborators who carry out different tasks such as maintaining the restored sections of the Greenway, providing information through the publication of contents in the blog lamaquinilla.blogspot.com, raising awareness among young people in primary and secondary schools and promoting research through the publication of the book La Maquinilla: railways of Belmez and Peñarroya or the translated reedition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of Peñarroya.
Its next goal is to repair and provide night illumination for the old paper factory’s chimney.
The motto of A-cércate is “follow the chimney”.

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Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.