Are you one of those who never stops promoting projects? You are a pitcher! Does your organization fund civic initiatives? You are a matcher!
Som Mobilitat Cooperative / Emprendimiento social
(des)vestint aliments / Environment
Oihane Pardo
Amarenak / Emprendimiento social
Jon Paul
Bag Bang Zinema / Culture
Albert Cañigueral
Barcelona en Beta / Economías colaborativas

Find out how your organization can help promoters to improve society

Pull for a participatory, transparent and co-responsible funding model, to connect with and amplify the impact of civic initiatives. Promoters who participate to matchfunding, like Núria, Arnau, Oihane, Jon Paul and Albert, have much higher success rates with their campaigns, while they leave a mark in the society

Was leistet das Einbeziehen von Matchfunding?



Sphere Location Matchfunding Projects Successful
Meta 2018. Proyectos culturales en Gipuzkoa Until: 05/06/2018 Culture Donostia € 70.000 15 -
Crowdfunding ZGZ 2017. Proyectos innovadores, cívicos y emprendedores Completed Innovation Zaragoza € 14.000 4 100%
Conjuntament. Desenvolupament econòmic de proximitat. Completed Emprendimiento social Barcelona € 96.000 23 95.65%
Meta 2017. Proyectos culturales en Gipuzkoa Completed Culture Gipuzkoa € 70.000 16 93.75%
Fem Educació. Micromecenatge per la innovació Completed Innovation Catalunya € 40.000 13 84.62%
Europeana. Strike a match for Education Completed Culture The Hague € 10.000 3 66.67%
Meta 2016. Proyectos culturales en Gipuzkoa Completed Culture Gipuzkoa € 70.000 20 100%
Crowdfunding ZGZ 2016. Proyectos innovadores, cívicos y emprendedores Completed Innovation Zaragoza € 12.000 4 75%
IV Convocatoria #UNIACapitalRiego. Patrimonio cultural y remezcla digital Completed Culture Europa € 10.000 5 80%
III Convocatoria #UNIACapitalRiego. Innovación en cooperación e infancia Completed Cooperation Andalucía € 10.000 5 80%
Crowdsasuna II. Innovación en Salud Completed Innovation Euskadi € 12.000 5 100%
II Convocatoria #UNIACapitalRiego. Innovación en educación y conocimiento abierto Completed Innovation Andalucía € 10.000 5 100%
#Cofinancia. Emprendimiento empresarial Completed Innovation Eurorregión luso-extremeña € 20.000 10 50%
Crowdsasuna I. Innovación en Salud Completed Innovation Euskadi € 12.000 5 60%
I Convocatoria #UNIACapitalRiego. Innovación sociocultural Completed Culture Andalucía € 10.000 5 80%
The matchfunding #Femeducació has been a key tool to strengthen the educational communities through the creation of new support networks"
- LLUÍS MAS / Fundació Jaume Bofill Project Manager
Meta! is one of the most interesting and innovative initiatives we have launched. It has allowed us to promote 40 cultural projects, with citizen participation
- DENIS ITXASO / Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa
The matchfunding call Conjuntament has been a long process, a challenge for the City Council and a success. Now we have a collaborative alternative to promote and fund projects!
- Pau Roldán / Barcelona City Council
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Do you want to learn more? We walk with you with a co-design workshop, so you can find out all the possibilities of matchfunding as a tool to promote social initiatives. You will learn everything about getting into this participatory funding model, from defining the guidelines to setting the fields of action and measuring the impact.


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  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health
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