FoldaRap, Peer-to-Peer Edition

Fertiggestellt am 09 / 07 / 2013
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€ 12.000
€ 16.000
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All contributions are welcome and deserve a big thank you ! A nice postcard and some stickers :)

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A random printed part among the trials which permitted to progress in the development of the FoldaRap.

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A little printed object :)

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A tee-shirt with an illustration of the FoldaRap for this special p2p-edition

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FoldaRap P2P Edition

The most interesting reward of this campaign, also probably the quickest way to have your kit!

All you need to build the lastest version of the FoldaRap, excepted the printed parts.
Find a local reprapper to add them to your kit !

(hint : with probably more than 40 000 machines in the wild, there must be one near you, or we can still have them printed separately)

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Unterstützend € 600

FoldaRap full kit

All you need to build the lastest version of the FoldaRap !

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Unterstützend € 900

Workshop @NYBICC

Workshop at NYBICC (Nancy, France)

We find a date that arrange everyone, and you came to build a FoldaRap with us in our super friendly Makerspace : the Nancy Bidouille Construction Club !

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Unterstützend € 1.000

Workshop around the world

We find a date that arrange everyone to invite me (for a week-end to a full week), and I personally come with my machine to help you build and learn to use the FoldaRap(s) you may have funded !

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You all are incredible !

18 | 05 | 2013
You all are incredible !

In less than a week we went from 83% to an astounding 142% !

I will never thank you enough, and my friends will probably join me, because as promised in the "COLLECTIVE BENEFITS" this optimum is allowing us to afford a lasercutter for our local makerspace : ^_^

On a side note I'm currently shipping the last machines that were ordered just before the campaign. They are going to several universities in north Africa (Algeria/Marocco/Tunisia) from where some students came the last summer to learn how to build and run a RepRap during a one week workshop at my school :)

I also already exchanged a "foldarap hardware kit" (and a second soon) with two members of the reprap community which are contributing to this P2P-edition, I hope to be able to do more in the coming weeks !

Keep sharing !


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