Building Communities of Commons in Greece

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Presentation of Sarantaporo network and previews of the documentary at transmediale 2016

20 | 02 | 2016

Το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά

The Community Network of participated this year at transmediale festival. Transmediale is an annual festival for media art and digital culture taking place for one week in February in Berlin, Germany since 1988. The festival engages in reflective, aesthetic and speculative positions in between art, technology and culture. It seeks to express a critical understanding of technology as being more than the digital world as well as of the cultural as being more than what emerges from within institutionalised fields of production.

The Sarantaporo network and previews from the upcoming documentary  was part of the workshop <off the cloud> organized by Daphne Dragona co curator of the festival and Panayiotis Antoniadis from MAZI project.

The choice to go “off the cloud” stems from current disillusionment with networked connectivity, reaching instead for the potential of emerging user-owned and user-controlled infrastructures. Over the last decade a growing scene of artists, hackers, and network practitioners has been actively working on creating community networks, ad-hoc connectivity, and autonomous systems of sensing and data collecting. But how feasible are the changes these groups want to see? Following last year’s offline networks unite! panel at transmediale and several specially organised workshops, Off-the-Cloud Zone brings together various actors to discuss the challenges, barriers, and possibilities of the field. With open conversation formats and hands-on demonstrations, the event seeks new strategies of joining forces and building common tools to take users beyond the sovereignty of the cloud.

The issues and questions that were examined during the workshop –and in the extended final discussion- were:

How and why did community networks evolve?

What were the challenges of the late 90s and what are the issues being faced today?

What were and are the legal and economical issues that need to be faced?

How literate are today's users on issues of infrastructures?

Which groups and populations can nowadays be empowered through offline networks?

What can art and critical design/critical making offer?

How can new collaborations emerge?

Participants of the workshop: Roel Roscam Abbing, Ileana Apostol, Dennis de Bel, Federico Bonelli, James Bridle, Adam Burns, Lori Emerson, Sarah T Gold, Sarah Grant, Denis Rojo aka Jaromil, George Klissiaris, Evan Light, Ilias Marmaras, Monic Meisel, Jürgen Neumann, Radovan Misovic aka Rad0, Natacha Roussel, Andreas Unteidig, Danja Vasiliev, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud, Stewart Ziff, Panayotis, coordinated by Panos Antoniadis, Daphne Dragona and James Stevens.

The presentation of the Community Network of Sarantaporo area, attracted the attention because as an initiative corresponds to the demands of the use of such independent community infrastructures, in which locals and professionals of the primary production participate, maintain and expand, like the locals in Sarantaporo area. 



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