ALTER NATIVAS: Hacia un futuro sostenible

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Über dieses Projekt

A documentary about initiatives of ecosocial transition

Bedarf Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Pre-production work
Meeting for the definition of the project, exploration visits to initiative, filming plan, management of the project.
$ 3,267
Filming work
20 days of shooting with 1 cameraman, 1 assistant and 1 sound technician. Limited number of initiatives
$ 5,445
Shooting material
Depreciation and substitution (if needed) of the following material: 1 HD filming equipment (with battery, tripod and cards), 1 laptop, 2 lavalier microphones, 1 shtgun microphone, 2 cuartz lights and reflectors.
$ 2,178
Creation of subtitles for Catalan, English and other languages.
$ 4,356
Shooting of additional initiatives
Possibility to include more initiatives than initially planned.
$ 5,445
Travel and allowances for additional shooting
Travel, accomodation and food costs for the additional shooting days.
$ 3,267
Post-production work for additional shooting
Estudio y selección del material filmado, guión de edición definitivo, edición final de imagen y sonido, trabajos de gestión.
$ 2,178
Bedarf Material Minimum Optimum
Travel and allowances
Travel, accomodation and food costs for the shooting team during production and post-production works.
$ 3,267
Bedarf Infrastruktur Minimum Optimum
Post-production work
Study and selection of the filmed material, final edition plan, final image and sound edition, management tasks.
$ 3,267
Gesamt $ 17,424 $ 32,670

Allgemeine Informationen

"ALTER NATIVES: Towards a sustainable future" is a documentary project directed by Agustí Corominas and Juan del Río.

This is a collaborative film that seeks to show initiatives of socio-ecological transition from a proactive approach. Diverse experiences that provide resposes to the world-wide systemic crisis (energetic, economical, ecological, social, cultural and epistemic) that we are suffering.

ALTER NATIVES aims to be a tool for those people and organisations that are committed to a fairer and more sustainable world. Audiovisual language has a great impact and potential. However, there is hardly any quality documentary addressing this issue from a systemic perspective, and those that exist have been made from an Anglosaxon perspective.

This project wants to support and strengthen existing transformative experiences, show their interrelationships and, in short, inspire people to take action.


The key features of the documentary film are that:

  • It starts from a context of systemic crisis and of potential collapse
  • It presents experiences of socioecological transition in a broad sense: energy, economy, food, education and governance
  • It focuses on transformation processes at ecological, economic, social and cultural levels - also of regeneration and resilience building
  • Transition is addressed both from external (collective) and internal (personal) perspectives
  • It analises the itinerary undertaken by initiatives from the experiences of its participants
  • Initiatives are presented as an ensemle, avouring their sense of interdependence and unity through the transition process
  • It reflects a vision of possibility that integrates the importance of celebration and learning
  • It will show as wide a range of initiatives as possible, with differences in terms of scale, scope and location

In terms of treatment, the recording and realisation of the film will take into account the diversity of the initiatives shown (linguistic, of genre, age, urban/rural context, etc.).

With this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to cover an important part of the documentary's budget. We also count on receiving funds from public and private organisations that want to commit to the goals of this project.


Warum das wichtig ist

We live in times of economic, social and ecological uncertainty and of a potential collapse. Multiple planetary systems that are essential to life — such as the climate, soils and oceans — are being severely altered. At the same time, socioeconomic inequality rates continue to grow, generating more poverty and exclusion.

Humanity, who is primarily responsible of this situation, is facing its biggest threat ever. This great transition is taking place: there is no way back and no time to waste.

In this context, multiple initiatives and projects are emerging, searching for ways of living that are more equitative and caring, in tune with planetary limits. Working at different levels and in different fields, they seek to transform this systemic crisis into an opportunity to redesign our culture. More than ever, we need to give visibility to these stories whose main characters are ordinary people like you and me.

This is what has inspired us to develop the idea for this documentary. It is a project addressed to all those that share our vision and want to help in giving voice and relevance to initiatives of eco-social transformation in our context.

The critical mass of transformative initiatives has to grow in order to achieve an impactful process of socio-ecological transition. We need to connect, to learn from one another, and to inspire a significant part of the population. This is why we believe that a documentary like this is essential.


Team und Erfahrung

ALTER NATIVAS is a documentary directed and coordinated by:

  • Agustí Corominas: Documentary director for institutions, cinema and TV with over 20 years of experience. He has worked for different organizations.

  • Juan del Río: Biologist and educator for sustainability. Coordinator of Red de Transición (Transition Spain) and member of Municipalities in Transition. Activist and writer. Author of “Guía del movimiento de transición” (Guide to the Transition Movement). More info:

The team is formed also by:

  • Mario Chaparro: Graduate in Audiovisual Communication and website designer. Vocational illustrator and painter. Committed to Red de Transición, a project of which he is member.

  • Quim Muntané: Environmental scientist and geographer. He works as a freelance environmental consultant and project manager. He takes part in cultural and environmental activism in different organisations.

  • Llorenç Torrades: Director of Babuin Media, an audiovisual production company. He has been collaborator of several televisions and private companies (TVE-TV3-NG) in audiovisual projects.

ALTER NATIVAS is a project with a clear collective character. Many people and organisations are already supporting and helping in the development in the project, and we expect many more to join us. You support makes this project possible. Thank you!


Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss