As we do every year, we give an account of our income and expenses, and we inform you of who our funders are, that for something we are a Foundation of public utility and transparency is one of our main values.

When analyzing the accounts of the Fundación Goteo, it is important to make a distinction between the donations received for the selected campaigns and published by Goteo, and that are dedicated entirely to these projects, of the income and operational expenses of the Foundation, which allow us to carry out the other activities described above (or in the activities report 2018), and that go beyond the management of the platform.

Project financing: donations from individuals and institutional funds

In 2018, we had a very significant increase in revenues to finance projects (238 in total), setting a new record: 1,921,420 € and representing an increase of 61% over last year.
Of this total, € 1,581,187 were donations from micro-patrons and € 340,233 corresponding to the co-financing of institutions (macthfunding). In this accounting period, we report the co-financing of:

  • Diputación de Gipuzkoa: corresponding to the agreements of 2017 and 2018, a total of € 132,631 for the co-financing of 30 projects
  • Bofill Foundation: € 16,602 to co-finance 3 projects
  • Joint: € 96,000 to co-finance 22 projects
  • Now Madrid: € 95,000 to co-finance 21 projects

Related to this movement of micro-donations we have some expenses and associated financial income, that is, the fees paid by Paypal and the banks for the POS service (an expense of € 17,208), and then the projects that have been successful their financing reimburses the Foundation (an income of € 17,220).

Analysis of income and operational expenses

The operating income of the Goteo Foundation in 2018 amounts to 230,722 € from public subsidies, the commission of the platform (4% of the amount collected in successful projects) and the sale of services related to the company's own activities and the purposes of the Foundation. In addition, at Christmas 2018, we asked for direct donations to the Goteo Foundation for the first time and in less than 15 days we managed to raise € 1,756, thank you very much for that push!

  • Public subsidies (56%): A total of € 129,641, from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa for the realization of the Meta project! 2018, of the City Council of Barcelona for the attainment of the Joint call, and of the subsidies, also of the Barcelona City Council, "Promoi i Reforç de l'Economia Social i Solidaria" and "Subvenció del 'Institut de Cultura de Barcelona per a inversions in information technologies and communication for the realization of projectes d'experimentació i innovació ". In this period we have also had the support of the Ministry of Culture, through the call "Aid for action and cultural promotion" and the Ministry of Labor with the subsidy for the "Promotion of self-employment, the economy social responsibility and social responsibility "
  • Commission for the management of the platform (29%): We have paid € 66,843 in commission concept, 4% and that covers expenses directly related to its maintenance: server administration, hosting, developments and improvements, etc. .
  • Services: (14%): € 32,532 that come from services hired by public or private institutions, companies or universities for the creation of institutional channels in the and the realization of customized training.
  • Donations: (1%) € 1,756 donated by X people during the month of December 2018

As for the expenses incurred, out of a total of € 230,66, 78% (€ 178,964) correspond to personnel expenses. The Goteo Foundation currently has five people hired (covering functions of community care and advice to projects, development and programming, administration and finance, and direction) and three freelance collaborators who perform public representation, communication and social networks and coordination of activities.

Other direct expenses of the activities and projects of Goteo (hostings, workshops, travel, online advertising) represent 13% of the expense (€ 29,377), while the indirect expenses of the organization (office rent, supplies, consumables, etc), they account for 7% (€ 15,999), repayments for 1% (€ 2,321) and losses for uncollectible loans for 2% (€ 4,000)

Therefore, the balance of this year has been positive, € 112 euros that will be reinvested in full in the Foundation's activities in 2019.

The Annual Report of 2018, which is where these numbers are officially reflected, is presented to the Protectorate of Foundations before June 30, 2018. We will upload that document as soon as it is officialized.
In addition, you can consult all our action plans and annual accounts in this section