🏝️ For some, an obstacle; for others, a path. Today, we want to invite you to think of that terrible and beautiful blue expanse as a place where there is always hope on the horizon, even when we cannot see it. We are convinced that no person is an island unto themselves, for no one can live completely isolated from others.

🛟 From the Goteo community, we continue to strive to make these connections visible and to support all those people and entities that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. We believe that we all have a role to play in building a more just and supportive world, and that together we can make a difference.

📬 In today's newsletter, we give our full support to a union of home care workers who are fighting to improve the conditions of their users and their own; a neighborhood association whose main objective is the personal development of minors who participate in their activities; and a foundation whose mission is to use technology and service to improve the quality of life in the community. Come aboard, we're setting sail!"

Who takes care of those who take care? 😷

Toolbox 🫧

😷 The workers of the SAD Public Home Care Service take care of the most vulnerable people as a municipal public service, helping to provide the service's users with personal autonomy and thus avoiding the institutionalization of dependents in residential centers.

😊 In this initiative, the proposal led by a group of caregivers who seek to eliminate the abusive work practice known as "hour banking" is made known, and to achieve this, they want to file a lawsuit, generating social debate, strengthening their own associative fabric, and motivating other groups to create new solutions.

✊ If you want to support their goal of improving the service and reducing the psychosocial risks that affect caregivers due to professional burnout, come and participate in goteo.cc/quiencuida!

Allende Mundi 👧

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👧 Allende Mundi is a neighborhood association whose main objective is the personal development of minors who participate in its activities. With an educational, social, cultural, intercultural, and participatory approach, Allende Mundi fights against inequality and promotes intercultural coexistence in the Rondilla neighborhood and other citizen groups.

🎨 All activities are infused with art and culture and are carried out in collaboration with the neighbors of the neighborhood. In short, Allende Mundi aims to be an instrument to improve the quality of life of minors and their families, as well as the society in which they live.

👁️ Do you want to help raise funds to pay for the fees of more educators this year who are attending twice as many minors as in previous years? Make your contribution at goteo.cc/allendemundi2023.

Financial Inclusion for Ecuadorian Women 🇪🇨

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🇪🇨 In Ecuador, women represent a large part of the economically active population and many of them are micro-entrepreneurs. However, many of these women face barriers to the growth of their businesses due to a lack of access to financing, training, and adequate management tools. This project aims to address these barriers and help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

💻 The Samasat Foundation's mission is to use technology and service to improve the quality of life of marginalized communities around the world, providing sustainable and accessible technological solutions to address the most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time.

👉 Through this campaign, they seek to empower people to make the most of technological tools and build a more prosperous and equitable future, in which you can participate goteo.cc/samasat.

The Restoration Toolbox

Toolbox 🫧

🏛️ Are you passionate about preserving community heritage and looking for ways to get involved? You've just found The Restoration Toolbox! This new project aims to empower citizens to take collaborative measures to preserve their own community heritage through open-source methodologies.

🧰 The Restoration Toolbox, developed on the digital platform of free software Decidim, aims to create an easy-to-use digital platform that connects various stakeholders, including property owners, communities, craftsmen, space managers, professionals, and civic authorities, to collaborate on community heritage safeguarding projects. The lack of awareness or access to correct technical information or trained professionals has led to the demolition of many historic buildings, resulting in a loss of identity and narrative for the city and community. The restoration and renovation of old buildings contribute to the circular economy and are key strategies to achieve sustainability and climate resilience.

💪 The project is being co-created by Jugaadopolis, a social innovation initiative based in New Delhi, and the Platoniq Foundation itself, as social innovation drivers based in Barcelona with extensive experience in digital and participatory citizen participation. The project has already received initial funding from the Goethe Institute / Max Muller Bhawan as part of the C3: Codes, Community Creativity program, and you can learn much more about the project and sign up for the online presentation here.

Goteo Participa ✊

Participa 🫧

💙 At the Platoniq Foundation, we love innovation and participation, so all our energies go in that direction. Our next logical step has been to invite you to join us on our new digital platform that we have called "Goteo Participa", which is a success in its launch and which you can access through your own account.

🫶 With it, we want to encourage citizen participation in the management of projects and decision-making within the framework of the social and solidarity economy. Creating spaces for collaboration, dialogue, and the collective construction of solutions to address social and economic challenges.

🎈 This new Goteo Participa platform is the result of the Goteo ft Decidim project, which aims for the democratic management of the Goteo user community through digital participation systems and has the support of the Barcelona City Council through the Enfortim 2022 subsidies call for the reactivation and strengthening of the social and solidarity economy and the development of inter-cooperation projects that develop the #ESSBCN2030 strategy. Enter now and until April 27, you can participate and give your vote to our first solidarity fund chosen by the community!

Exhibition: The City of Disinformation 🤔

Disinformation 🫧

🌇 If you're near Barcelona, don't miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition The City of Disinformation! This European Erasmus project, called SMILES 🤔 aims to help young people recognize false information and develop critical thinking about it.

🧐 The exhibition integrates and transforms activities designed for high schools into an analog and interactive experience. Furthermore, it is structured into three parts: an emotional experience, an itinerary on disinformation, and a playful and participatory experience.

🗓️ The exhibition is produced by the Platoniq Foundation with the support of Canòdrom: Ateneu d'Innovació Social i Democràtica and will be exhibited from April 18 to May 26, 2023, at the Canòdrom in Barcelona. We invite you to come and learn together to identify disinformation and reflect on its impact on society!

And you?

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😙Do you think that crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organization? Support us so that we can continue to disseminate our knowledge among initiatives that need financing and give a significant boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our campaign #Síguenoslacorriente and you can request a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding in your community.

See you in 15 days! 😜

That's all for now. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep moving towards the society for all that we are slowly approaching. See you next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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