🏡 As you well know, cooperative housing in transfer of use is a model that is spreading in Catalonia in which groups of neighbors organize themselves to ensure the right to housing and promote community life. In this model, home ownership is collective and is accessed through a non-profit cooperative formed by the residents. This new model is proving to be a feasible path for the right to housing, but it is not yet accessible to all layers of the population.

😙 To deepen the diversity and universalization of the model, Empriu and Xicoira, two new cooperative housing projects located respectively in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona and in Olesa de Montserrat, promote a joint campaign through the FONS. to cover the entry costs to 2 of its flats for people from the migrant group.

👉 This campaign is also special because it marks the very start of the FONS., a new platform to grow solidarity in the cooperative housing sector articulated mainly in the Xarxa de Economia Solidaria de Catalunya, and promoted by La Fundació Coop57, Goteo, La Dinamo, Sostre Cívic, holon and coopdevs, along with whom you can join your contribution at goteo.cc/fonspisossolidaris.