At Platoniq Foundation, we love innovation and participation, so all our energies are directed towards that. Our next step, which we would love for you to join us in, is the digital platform we have called "Goteo Participa".

With it, we want to promote citizen participation in project management and decision-making within the framework of the social and solidarity economy. To create spaces for collaboration, dialogue, and collective construction of solutions to address social and economic challenges.

This new Goteo Participa platform is the result of the Goteo ft Decidim project, whose objective is the democratic management of the Goteo user community through digital participation systems and is supported by the Barcelona City Council through the Enfortim 2022 grants for the reactivation and strengthening of the social and solidarity economy and the development of inter-cooperation projects that develop the #ESSBCN2030 strategy.

Our first proposal is to invite the entire Goteo community to get to know the platform, suggest improvements, and vote for those solidarity funds that you consider a priority to promote and support. The fund proposals have been co-designed by a motor group of people who are part of entities and projects related to Goteo that represent the platform's ecosystem: Platoniq Foundation, Dimmons - Open University of Catalonia, BitLab, Guifinet, La Hidra Cooperative, Iridia, Coopolis Cooperative Athenaeum, Tarpuna, Emprius, Barcelona Tenants Union.

You will see that participation is straightforward and intuitive

👀 1. Enter the platform and explore its different sections
✊ 2. Log in to participate and vote
🗳️ 3. Vote and comment on the proposals for solidarity funds that you want to support
🤗 4. Make proposals to expand the involvement of the Goteo community

We hope that you will be as excited as we are and that little by little, we will share the satisfaction of being co-participants in improvements in this solidarity society that we so long for. Let's keep going!

Ajuntament de Barcelona