Road to Tokyo

Stockholm, Sweden
Filed on 11 / 07 / 2017
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Über dieses Projekt

Road to Tokyo is a campaign for young taekwondo practitioners from Rei Kampsport Botkyrka with the dream of competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Aufgabe Minimum Optimum
Competitions fees
Competition fees for athletes and coaches to participate in a competition (5 persons included in the value/year)
€ 2.250
Food and Accommodation
Costs for accommodation and food for athletes and coaches (5 persons included in the value/year)
€ 4.500
For flights and car-rental or transfers (5 persons included in the value/year)
€ 4.750
Training cost
costs for a club member to practice Taekwondo (5 persons included in the value/year)
€ 2.000
A little extra
We will have a better margins and be able to help young athletes to more competitions, or to help more your athletes to compete abroad.
€ 5.000
Material Minimum Optimum
Other expenses
Other costs such as material, training camps, equipments such as electronic socks and costs that may occur due to injuries in consideration of the number of competitions the athletes comepte in.
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Allgemeine Informationen

Road to Tokyo is a campaign for young taekwondo practitioners from Rei Kampsport Botkyrka with the dream of competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

It started out with us being small restless children which made us try out with a leisure activity in the evenings. Taekwondo became a bigger part of our lives the more we trained. The more we missed out on hanging out with friends because of the training, the more tests and school tasks you had keep up with because of competitions.

This project focuses on young Taekwondo competitors who do have a big heart and glory for the sport, but do not have the resources to take place in an Olympic game. Our competitors who competes in an international level, do not only compete against others that trains under the same conditions as we have. National teams from around the world are also competing on the same competitions but with much more resource. This project is unique in its way that it will show the possibility to reach such a high level with regard to the potential of our young competitors have in our club. We believe that athletes' ambitions in sports should never fall due to the limited resources they have.


What the competitors contribute is not only to highlight the club, but also the municipality and the country. With our good results in the sport we create good marketing for the club and society that show the youth's glory in the sport! Hopefully, more people will start training Taekwondo. In this way, we reach out to more people, hopefully to inspire them to make an incredible Taekwondo trip with us towards an Olympic game!

Through an elite program for our fighters, we give them a chance to develop and succeed in Taekwondo and reach the top to measure with the biggest elites/stars in one of the world's biggest sporting events, the Olympic Games. Taekwondo is very unique in itself as the sport does not differ as much in terms of gender equality and social classes as many other sports do.

Warum das wichtig ist

Our development has not been achived for free. With hard training and great involvement from the coaches, we have come a long way on our trip to the Olympic Games, but we need experience from the international competitions and that’s where it stops us. For the past ten years, competitors have gone from competing with traditional martial arts vests and protective equipments to compete with electronic protective equipments. In connection with the implementation of the electronic system, the competitions have made the expenses even higher for the athletes. Further equipment has been required to compete and other competition related fees has increased, which also resulted in higher costs for coaches. We need your help to reach our goal. Through your donation we could pay for our international trips to international competitions for ranking points to reach our goal.

Ziele der Crowdfunding Kampagne

Short term goals: To win the swedish taekwondo elite series and to obtain a spot in the Swedish national team. Our goal is also to compete in at least three international taekwondo competitions, and win.

Long term goals: To win championships like European and World Championships in order to qualify fort he Olympic games.

Team und Erfahrung

At the moment we have a person who are qualified for the national team, as well as several members ranked second and third in their weight classes. We also have a number of former Swedish and Nordic champions in our team. With a financial support, we would give more members an opportunity to compete primarily in the Swedish elite series to be ranked first in their weight classes and thus be elected to the national team. Our goal is that everyone from Rei Kampsport's elite group will have a place in the national team at the various championships.

Most of our younger fighters have not been able to compete internationally yet. With an addition to our finances, they could also be included in order to be measured with the best in Europe. They have already proven to be superior at national level when competitions often end with winning gold and also the "Best Fighter"-award.

The young competitors' involvement in international competitions has provided the opportunity for knowledge exchanges and building contacts with many other talented athletes. The social commitment through the competition gives these young athletes not only physical development but also a development in their social capacity, which we consider to be a huge benefit for the society, but above all, for the athletes' future careers.

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